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Daily Life: First Steps as a Student 


  1. Lidl, Aldi, Netto, Rewe Etc. 

  2. Asian shops, Turkish shops etc. 

  3. Different bakery shops and bread types 

  4. Amazon, Ebay Kleinenanzeigen 

Travel by Bus, Train 

  1. Apps, Deutsche Bahn and local transport apps 

  2. Train types 

  3. Different train types 

  4. Semester ticket applicable regions 

Rent and Home setup 

  1. Different rent types 

  2. Warmmiete, Kaltmiete etc. 

  3. STAWAG registration, if required 

  4. Internet registration 

  5. Buying furniture, bed and mattress 

  6. Kitchenette 

Study material 

  1. Books 

  2. Laptops 

  3. Writing material 

  4. Copy shops 

Adjusting to weather 

  1. Shopping for winterwear 

  2. Dressing appropriately  

  3. Expecting rain at any time 

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